Free Spirulina Production

Free Spirulina Production or Free Spirulina Technology


Interest in Spirulina sp. as a potential source of food, was started late before 1640 in Mexico. Spirulina has the highest protein (65%) of any natural food. In spite of immense uses of the species, awareness about this nutrient supplement in developing countries is still insufficient, people should comprehend the real significance of the species as an excellent food supplement, disease resistant product and as an animal feed (Low grade Spirulina).

Academicians and researchers worldwide have started various projects on Spirulina, however Indian villagers are not conscious of or benefited by this wonderful species. Not only this species is useful as a nutrient supplement, but also be a great economic investment for them. People in developing countries like Thailand and Myanmar produce tons of Spirulina powder for exporting it to the developed countries.

This project aspires on the establishment of small-scale industries of Spirulina production with processing and marketing. This would generate awareness about the species and would definitely provide self-employment opportunities for the deprived villagers.

Sevas Educational Society has developed two technologies.

First Technology: Investment is greater than 30 Lakhs and up to 150 Crores and land required is minimum 2 Acres to more than 200 Acres.

Second Technology: Investment range is 0.5 Lakh to 25 Lakhs and minimum land required is 20 cents to 3 acres and production capacity starts @0.5-30 kilogram Spiruina powder per day.

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Name: Dr. R R Siva Kiran, PhD
Ph: +91 9988795754
Email: [email protected]
Spirulina Entrepreneurs Telegram Link (250 Entrepreneurs Covering Entire India):

National Advisory Members:
Sri. Rudra Naidu Emparala, Karnataka
Dr Rajaram Bhos, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
Sri Retna Raja Singam, Tamil Nadu
Sri Anil Agrawal, Nagpur, Maharashtra
Sri Jwalant Desai, Gujarat
Sri Satish Kumar Burra, Andhra Pradesh
Sri R Shivasai, Andhra Pradesh
Sri Deepu B Nair, Rajasthan
Sri Dhruvajyoti Baruah, Assam
Sri Murali Menon, Kerala
Sri Pitabasa Maharana, Odhisia
Sri Raju K, Andhra Pradesh
The Minutes of Meeting with the estemeed members of the Spirulina Entrepreneurs Group (20 December 2021)
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The International Conference on Algal Technologies and National Conference on Algae Technologies was hosted and organized by the Sevas Educational Society, Andhra Pradesh, India, in collaboration with Rahul Budh Vihar Prabandhak Committee, SofiPind, Jalandhar, Punjab and Department of Biotechnology, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

These two activies helped Sevas Educational Society to understand the current status of rural technologies in India. After this conference, Sevas Society has developed two technologies for promoting algae research in India.

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